Wild Woman

Tomboy to Wild Woman

I have been called "tomboy" until I was twenty. I have always been proud of this, of being a sort of androgynous being. I was amused when people asked me if I was female or male. As a child I soon understood that in the Italian patriarchal culture of the '70s boys had more freedom… Continue reading Tomboy to Wild Woman

Grandma Crone Speaks

The Mother-of-All

"In the beginning of time", said Grandma Crone, "the Mother-of-All ruled alone over the Worlds.  A majestic and luscious tree She was. Her roots diving deep into the Abyss; her trunk, rising higher than the highest mountains; Her luxuriant branches reaching the Outer Space. A gigantic snake She was. Her spiralling coils forming hills, valleys… Continue reading The Mother-of-All