Grandma Crone Speaks


"I am drawn to intimate, often uncomfortable portraits of a woman persevering and awakening" Vera Farmiga "Listen to my words, little niece", said Grandma Crone: "The path to Awakening is not made of unicorn glitter as most New Age gurus make us believe. Walking the spiral -inward and outward - is a constant challenge for… Continue reading Awakening


"The first step in the limitation of the status of women was to take over from them the monopoly of the religious function" (Merlin Stone) I was there in the Ancient Times. Inanna Ishtar Elat Isis Baalat Ashtoreth Were my names. Queen of Heaven Mistress of Kingship Mother-of-All. I walked the Earth Thousands of winters… Continue reading

Grandma Crone Speaks

Lughnasadh: First Harvest

 "As cornfields ripple in the late summer breeze and whisper golden promises of the grain harvest to come, we know deep within our psyche that the darkness is but a heartbeat away.” (Carole Carlton) A bonfire was roaring on the shore when the little girl emerged from the wood. The air smelled of fresh baked bread.… Continue reading Lughnasadh: First Harvest

Art · Weekly Intuitive Doodling

Intuitive Doodling

"What a beautiful, beautiful thing to be able to dream when you're not asleep". (American Gods) During the weekend I attended a free online art event called Creative Retreat hosted by Galia Alena (at Art is Magic) an amazing talented visual poet. Since May I haven't been drawing or painting much, so I thought that it might be… Continue reading Intuitive Doodling

Grandma Crone Speaks · Initiation

Initiation: Mask of Patriarchy

"Until Woman looks at herself through the eyes of Man, She will never be free" (Cit.) "Little niece, gather your masks and come by the fire." said Grandma Crone. "Wear your favorite mask and look at the world through its eyes.What do you see?". " I see a bird of great beauty. She lives in… Continue reading Initiation: Mask of Patriarchy


Wise Age

As you grow up and journey through the stages of womanhood, you get to your Wise Age. The things you cherished, and the unforgettable moments suddenly become unimportant. The incessant chatting of the world is not interesting anymore. You don't need to fix in the box. Anymore. The Circle, the Spiral and the Labyrinth are… Continue reading Wise Age

Wild Woman

Tomboy to Wild Woman

I have been called "tomboy" until I was twenty. I have always been proud of this, of being a sort of androgynous being. I was amused when people asked me if I was female or male. As a child I soon understood that in the Italian patriarchal culture of the '70s boys had more freedom… Continue reading Tomboy to Wild Woman

Grandma Crone Speaks

Summer Solstice

"This is the longest day, niece.", Grandma Crone said. "The most glorious time. The Mother-of-All releases all Her power and prepares for Her journey back to the Underworld. The Light becomes a Seed The Ground becomes a Womb Bathe in the fresh water of a pond at sunset.Let the Sun infuse you with its immortal… Continue reading Summer Solstice