Welcome! My name is SimoArian. Follower of the spiralling path of the Goddess, I am an Italian trained Shamanic Pratictioner and Crystals & Chakras Therapist. I’m also a self-taught Artist and an avid student of Celtic and Arthurian Lore, Esoterism and Jungian theories.

After hosting a Celtic themed website (Celtic Wisdom) back in the 1990s and a blog (Immrama) in the mid 2000s years, I had to cope with a bad form of endometriosis that left me psychologically exhausted and in chronic pain. In 2014 I had my last surgery and finally got rid of pain, started to gain back my energetic strenght and went back to my beloved interests and practices.

Thresholds is a blog where I will write about my personal spiritual journey, the books that helped me in my path and the methods and techniques I use in my practice.

In a poetic and fairy tale-like sort of visualizations I will guide you along a journey of the soul.

Are you ready to enter into the woods?