Grandma Crone Speaks


“I am drawn to intimate, often uncomfortable portraits of a woman persevering and awakening” Vera Farmiga

Listen to my words, little niece”, said Grandma Crone:

“The path to Awakening is not made of unicorn glitter as most New Age gurus make us believe. Walking the spiral -inward and outward – is a constant challenge for the body, the mind and the spirit. And it never ends. 

Awakening doesn’t mean that you arrived where you where journeying to. Instead, it is a new starting point, because the spiral path is always moving. It never stops.

The path to Awakening is a tough one, made of ups and downs, ecstatic moments and desperate times. One day you are euphoric, the next you get suicidal. Sometimes you feel great, some other miserable and on the edge of mental illness.

Awakening is not a matter of “happiness”, ” wealth” or “wisdom”. It is a journey into the most profound places of yourself and of the spirit of humanity. It is looking in the mirror and daring to stare at the disgusting, horrible face of your real self and not being annihilated by it.

The path to Awakening is the same as the one of Life: learning, experiencing, dreaming, struggling, crying and laughing. And understanding that Harmony is what Nature is made of”.