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Intuitive Doodling

“What a beautiful, beautiful thing to be able to dream when you’re not asleep”. (American Gods)

During the weekend I attended a free online art event called Creative Retreat hosted by Galia Alena (at Art is Magic) an amazing talented visual poet. Since May I haven’t been drawing or painting much, so I thought that it might be a good way to “re-ignite”.

Each class was a little shiny pearl of creativity. My favorite was the one by Fonda Clark Haight, based on giving life to our inner child by drawing random doodles and looking for meaningful shapes or figures.

As I used to draw such things when I was a child, I was totally caught by this lesson. And positively surprised by the images and words that popped out of the paper!

The bird/dinosaur above was the first one to appear together with the words ” You are Unique”. For me this is a time of great transformation and this image reminds me of how each one of us is unique in her/his own way, and how life is ever-changing. One day we are a dinosaur while the other we can be a bird. 

The whimsical booby figure here, instead, reminds me that “Old Age is made for Laughing”. Journeying towards my 50 winters made me realize that I am a young child in an old body and that, despite what society says, I like being this crazy way. It is so liberating.

I had such fun with these drawings that I decided to make at least one each week and title them ” Weekly Intuitive Doodling “. I will post before and after pics for you to view the process. If you want to join me, feel free to post a link to your intuitive doodle post in the comments.