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Initiation: Mask of Patriarchy

“Until Woman looks at herself through the eyes of Man, She will never be free” (Cit.)

Little niece, gather your masks and come by the fire.” said Grandma Crone. “Wear your favorite mask and look at the world through its eyes.What do you see?”.

” I see a bird of great beauty. She lives in a golden cage surrounded by people amazed by her gorgeous colors and sweet voice. The bird is so proud of all the attentions she receives and jumps fiercely around her tiny house. Her life is complete, she is loved and admired by everyone. She is safe and nurtured. But, wait! I can see her looking at the golden bars of her cage with such sadness in her eyes…”.

“You are wearing the Mask of Patriarchy, my dear. Since the arrival of the warrior gods, thousands of cycles ago, women have become slaves and goods; cattle to be breeded for giving birth to offspring and sold for social power. A necessary evil if you listen to the younger religions of the Only Father. Thousands of cycles of exploitation, persecution, violence, slavery and brainwashing made Woman her worst enemy. Like the beautiful bird, we live in a golden cage made of the rules and beliefs of Man and his gods. Even when we are not tied to a man, we still live our lives influenced by male rules and social beliefs. We think we are free, but we are not. 

Until Woman looks at herself through the eyes of Man, She will never be free.

Take off your mask, little Niece and be ready to offer it to the fire. Let it burn its rotten poison and allow the Mother-of-All fill your heart with Her healthy energy. Shred the filthy layer of your smooth and delicate skin and let Blood and Teeth Woman reclaim her power!”.

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  1. I am working on a piece about being a woman in living in a patriarchal society. I love this and the metaphors. It gives me more inspiration to keep going. 🙂

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