Grandma Crone Speaks

The Mother-of-All

“In the beginning of time”, said Grandma Crone, “the Mother-of-All ruled alone over the Worlds. 
A majestic and luscious tree She was. Her roots diving deep into the Abyss; her trunk, rising higher than the highest mountains; Her luxuriant branches reaching the Outer Space.

A gigantic snake She was. Her spiralling coils forming hills, valleys and crevices where the deer and the fox dwell. Her shedded skin shaping the beds of lakes and ponds where the fish and the crocodile swim. Her scales creating the woods and the flowers that covered the Earth where the owl and the bear roam.

A powerful Ocean She was. Her tides bringing life to the thirsty lands, shaping Her children from the fertile mud of Her womb. Her surface the mirror of the distant Moon at night.

She was the primordial Egg.

The Ancient Dragon.

The Great Dark Night.

Womb and Grave.

The Mother-of-All was all and all was the Mother-of-All.”