Grandma Crone Speaks


“Volo ut sis” (“I want you to be what you are”)
Augustine of Ippona

Have you ever felt like you were living on a totally different plane of existence than that of the people around you?

Can you see a lizard sleeping under the sun, but also a dragon coiling around the roots of a magnificent tree?

Can you hear the crows cawing in the sky, but also listen to their secret messages?

Can you sense that an ancient door opening on a desolate house is also a gate to a mysterious world?

That your dreams and the books you read are portals to infinite universes?

Have you ever classified people by the colors that encircle them? 

Have you ever felt the touch of an invisible hand in a foggy night? Or listened to the faint singing of the trees in a quiet wood?

Don’t be afraid of being “other”, niece. Wear your otherness like a crown and be what you are. The spiral path is not for the narrow minded. The journey is for the vision hunter. 

Our legacy is to be Walkers between the Worlds. We cannot avoid it because this is what we are.