Grandma Crone Speaks · Initiation

Initiation: Flesh

“Now, Voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find”
(Walt Whitman)

The young girl was lying inside the soft, humid womb of the Earth. Time went by. The seasons left their marks on that belly that protruded from the ground. The young girl dreamed the dreams of the Land and the Sky; she dreamed the Owl, the Reindeer, the Bear and the Horse.

The Owl put a feather in each of her eye sockets.
The Reindeer placed antlers on her white skull.

The Bear put a claw in her empty chest.

The Horse replaced her bony feet with a couple of hooves.

The girl was lying inside the warm, cosy embrace of the Earth. Time went by. The gifts from the Spirits operated their magic.
The girl dreamed the dreams of Life and Death; she dreamed the Fox and the Snake.

The Fox placed new ears on her white skull and whispered in them the secrets of the spiral paths.

The Snake slithered through her empty pelvis and stretched along her ringed spine, connecting her to the Three Worlds.

The girl was lying in the womb of the Mother-of-All. Time went by. Thirteen moons waxed and waned. The earth had shaped a new body around her bones. New organs, muscles and flesh had grown. Eyes, ears, tongue, heart, hands, hair and nails. She was sleeping like a fetus. No desires except that of being there.
The Moon was high and full when Grandma Crone stepped out of the trees and into the clearing. She removed the burial mound with her bare hands, raised the sloppy sack up and took it to the river. There she opened it and began to wash the little girl in the fresh water.
“Open your eyes, niece.”, the old woman chanted.

“For the power of the Mother-of-All,

the Ancestors and the Spirits

you have received the gift of a new existence.

You are the Threshold.

You are the Door.

You are the Walker-between-the-Worlds.

You are the Guide.

You are the Healer.

Open your eyes and breathe!”.

The young girl’s eyelids slowly opened under the yellowish light of the moon. She took a deep breath. The air smelled like ozone. She could feel waves of powerful energy prickle her skin. She looked around and stood.
Grandma Crone was gone.


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