Grandma Crone Speaks · Initiation

Initiation: Bones

“All transformations involve a process of death and rebirth”

(Carl Greer)

Grandma Crone was heating a big cauldron over the crackling fire when the little girl stepped out of the woods.

“Take off your clothes, niece, and enter the cauldron.”, she ordered.

” But I will get burned!”, cried the girl, terrified.

“Your physical body will not be hurt.”, the old woman replied.” You are going on a sacred journey, and you must be free of your earthly worries. Don’t be afraid, niece. Take my hand. Come.”

As soon as the little girl was inside the cauldron -that, indeed, didn’t burn – she felt her body become numb and her eyelids heavy.

Grandma Crone submerged her in the dense liquid and started to stir it and chant:

“Ancient Souls of the Threshold,

nourish yourselves with the flesh of this being!

Take her eyes, her tongue, her ears, her heart.

Gnaw on her bones.

The womb that once gave birth

is now the grave in which the e!ements

become one with the Spirit.

The Fire burns all fears.

The Water washes away all desires.

The Air blows the soul towards the world of the Ancestors.

The Earth thrusts the bones deep into the soil.”

The little girl was no more. Her flesh dissolved into the muddy liquid. Only her bones were bobbing a!ong on the surface. The old Crone gathered them in a sack and walked towards the woods. There was a hole in the ground in the middle of a clearing. Grandma Crone laid down the sack in it, covered it with moist earth and said: “Back to the Earth you are, little niece. In this womb you will rest, like a seed, for the time of 13 moons. Rest and dream the Dreams of Darkness, where the Reindeer and the Bear walk the Paths of the Mother-of-All.”

As the first ray of the full moon touched the mound, the old woman was gone.


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