Grandma Crone Speaks · Initiation

Initiation: The Commitment

“We all admire what we know of <>, but how many of us are truly ready to face the awesome realities of exterminating our desires?”

(Stephen Larsen)

“Lay down by the fire, niece.”, said Grandma Crone. ” Close your eyes and listen to my words.
The Path you are following is one of great sacrifices. The Mother-of-All is a demanding one. She will reveal you the mysteries of the cycles, but only if you open your inner eyes, hear with your animal ears and speak with your reptilian tongue. She will test you day and night, demanding your total commitment.

For the people you will meet you will either be a mystic or a witch. They will praise you when their lives are abundant and blame you when they are sick.”

The old woman put her palms over the girl’s eyes, ears and mouth and started to chant:

“Your eyes will see into their souls,

your ears will listen to their most intimate desires,

your tongue will speak the words of the Ancestors.

Your eyes will look for the path to follow,

your ears will listen to the songs of the trees,

your tongue will ask the questions to the spirits.”

She put her palms on the girl’s feet and chanted:

“Your feet will stand on either sides of the Threshold,

where the worlds meet.

You are the bridge.

You are the hunter.

You are the healer.”

Grandma Crone laid a knotty rod beside the girl and chanted:

“This rod will be your companion.

It will teach you the way Up and the way Down.

It will show you the Center and the Spiral.

It will be a Door and a Guide, a Friend and a Weapon, a Ladder and a Fruitful Tree

in the Lands of Dreams.”

The fire was dying out when the old woman said: “Open your eyes, dear niece. It’s time for you to wake up.”


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