Grandma Crone Speaks

Dancing with the Goddess

​”A new world is not only possible, She is on Her way.”

(Arundhati Roy)

“Welcome, dear niece.”, greeted Grandma Crone, puffing from a wooden pipe. “Sit down here by the fire and listen to my words.

Dancing with the Goddess is not enough if you do it only on certain occasions. Dancing with the Goddess doesn’t mean casting a circle during celebrations, singing, invoking, meditating and then going back to our daily lives in an arid and conventional world. 

Dancing with the Goddess means living every day free from dogmas, limitations, fears and shame. It means being ridiculed, banished, harassed, punished, threatened. It means following a path full of obstacles; walking among thorny woods; climbing a steep mountain using only our hands. It means dropping the mask we wear and showing the grin of the wild woman crawling under our skin. It means being no more slave of everyday routine, of controlling fathers and husbands, of the dreams of daddy’s princesses, of diets, of patriarchal respectability and honor, of fears, of shame, of stereotypes.

Dancing with the Goddess is a way of life, not a fashion to live by.

It means feeling Her burn every moment under your skin. It means listening to our hearts pounding as one to the rhythms of the Earth. It means creating our lives and not being shaped by those assuming to know it better than us. It means giving up indoctrination and massification imposed since childhood. It means freeing ourselves from the chains that have been imprisoning and bending us for thousands of years under the banner of a Misogynistic Father.

It means learning to leave that prison without bars of false machist rules and rewriting the Story written by the winners. And run back into the woods, howling and naked, under the loving eyes of the Moon.”

2 thoughts on “Dancing with the Goddess

  1. :)….Well, this century is definitely one of foreseeable changes in many aspects. Gods and Goddesses are going to step aside and leave place for new or for the Ancient ones revived at a higher level. From all the Wild Women running on this Earth, I am a lucky one, gifted with the love and freedom the best of men can offer to the woman they love. I am a mother of two, a girl and a boy and we taught them both to give all the love, respect and freedom they seek for themselves. Beyond the changes in the social fabric lies the droplets of changes in each and every person. I believe that we can all dance under the Moon if we find the path to the magic circle.

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