Grandma Crone Speaks

Summer Solstice

"This is the longest day, niece.", Grandma Crone said. "The most glorious time. The Mother-of-All releases all Her power and prepares for Her journey back to the Underworld. The Light becomes a Seed The Ground becomes a Womb Bathe in the fresh water of a pond at sunset.Let the Sun infuse you with its immortal… Continue reading Summer Solstice



Slaves. Property. Goods. Brood cows. That's what we have always been under the name of patriarchy. Soulless. Inferior. Evil. Dirty. A being needed only for pleasure and reproduction. Tortured. Blamed. Shamed. Raped. A destiny of pain, exploitation and tears. An imprinting hard to get rid of. We are still slaves under our false freedom. Our… Continue reading Slaves

Grandma Crone Speaks

The Mother-of-All

"In the beginning of time", said Grandma Crone, "the Mother-of-All ruled alone over the Worlds.  A majestic and luscious tree She was. Her roots diving deep into the Abyss; her trunk, rising higher than the highest mountains; Her luxuriant branches reaching the Outer Space. A gigantic snake She was. Her spiralling coils forming hills, valleys… Continue reading The Mother-of-All

Grandma Crone Speaks


"Volo ut sis" ("I want you to be what you are") Augustine of Ippona Have you ever felt like you were living on a totally different plane of existence than that of the people around you? Can you see a lizard sleeping under the sun, but also a dragon coiling around the roots of a… Continue reading Acceptance

Grandma Crone Speaks · Initiation

Initiation: Flesh

"Now, Voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find" (Walt Whitman) The young girl was lying inside the soft, humid womb of the Earth. Time went by. The seasons left their marks on that belly that protruded from the ground. The young girl dreamed the dreams of the Land and the Sky; she dreamed the… Continue reading Initiation: Flesh


Water Dance

Watch the water dance. Empires raising and dying at the rhythm of the waves. Spirits emerging from volcanoes of foam. There! Dragons flying over oceans of lava, fishing sparkling crystals that float on the surface. Emeralds and diamonds, amethysts and garnets, all to be added to the secret treasures of the caves. (©SimoArian)